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ESG Board of Directors presentation

7 Tips for Creating an Effective ESG Board of Directors presentation

An Effective ESG Board of Directors presentation: An Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Board of Director’s presentation is a critical communication tool for sustainability and good governance organizations. It can educate directors about the organization’s ESG performance, assess progress relative to goals, and make decisions about future priorities. What is[…]

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Grow Your Business

Hidden Tips to Grow Your Business When Growth Is Declining

Want To Grow Your Business When Growth Is Declining? In the current economic climate, many companies are struggling to keep up with the demands of consumers and investors. As a result, many businesses turn to global directors to take on new tasks and responsibilities to prevent a decline in revenue.[…]

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How To Avoid Getting Sued for Greenwashing   Tips from Pros!

What is Greenwashing?  Podcast In recent years, there has been a surge in lawsuits against businesses for making false claims about their sustainability practices. It is known as greenwashing. Google parent company Alphabet has a long history of purchasing carbon offsets. Today, the company has eliminated its entire lifetime carbon footprint by[…]

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Board of Directors, CEO, ESG and Boardroom Education

The Board of Directors learns from their mistakes, not others. There have been many talks lately about the board of directors and the important role they play in a company. Many people seem to be unsure of what a board of directors does, and there is a lot of confusion[…]

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Mega Cap Tech Board of Directors Failing Corporate Governance

What are Mega Cap Stocks? Mega Cap Tech Board of Directors Failing Corporate Governance Podcast Link Mega cap stocks are the largest companies globally, with more than 200 million U.S. dollars market capitalisation. They’re not that many companies on the planet with that enormous mega cap stock valuations.  Company Name Market[…]

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2022-2025 COVID PLANNING & Global Markets

With the surge in COVID global cases, Work Hybrid needs to push back, CEOS Boardroom Strategies for 2022-2025. Things to focus on in the Board of Directors meetings. Boardroom Agenda, Geopolitical, Estonia, Turkey, Vietnam, G20 Returns Yusuf Azizullah Global Board Advisors Corp GBAC CEO

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