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BREXIT and It’s Aftermath

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On June 23rd, Britain will vote to stay or leave in the European Union. This has more far-reaching consequences than simple sociopolitical and financial effects.

The UK’s Institute of Directors (IOD), polled their members and 60% said they intended to vote to remain in the EU, 31% said they would be voting to leave, while 9% were unsure.

I would not be surprised if they vote for leaving, as the case is strong on both sides now.

Chairmen be Mindful: Scenario: If Britain Votes to Leave the EU

  1. Trade Impact 45% of UK’s exports are to the European Union (27 other member states). Cost of imports and Quotas automatically become significantly affected.
  2. Contracts & Business Models All contracts and sub-contracts of the Enterprise will need to be reassessed. This is a heartburn effort and potential impact to the financial statements.
  3. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) The UK has traditionally been one of the biggest attractors of FDI in the EU. Fairly competitive economy and guaranteed tariff-free access to the 27 other EU member states.
  4. Capital Markets shift towards Germany Remember, pending merger of London Stock Exchange with Deutsche Borse. February press release announcing the merger warned about BREXIT, “although this might well affect the volume or nature of the business conducted in the different financial centers served by the combined group”.
  5. Two Years of Currency Fluctuations Britain would have two years to renegotiate contracts, this interim face would bring major currency fluctuations to FOREX and Capital Markets
  6. Keeping EU Together Domino effect of other member states leaving, Greece and Spain to start with.  
  7. Keeping UK Together BREXIT would give new reasons to Scotland and Wales separatists to seek independence from the United Kingdom.


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