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What is The Biggest Mistakes Board of Directors Make in The Boardroom? AntiTrust ERA-

Anti Trust Biggest Mistakes Board of Directors Make in the Boardroom

Anti Competition Biggest Mistakes Board of Directors Make in the Boardroom. AntiTrust ERA

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Hi, this is Yusuf. 

I quickly want to talk about Antitrust Anti-competition, it’s an ERA that’s coming right now, it’s not only the tech sector but pharmaceutical and major companies you know, I traveled recently internationally in the last couple of weeks and one thing, I saw I want to explain why this is happening to the board members. 

For one thing, unfortunately, since the Central Banks across Europe, the European union U.S. and across the planet have been pumping a lot of cash because of the COVID stimulus(es), now money’s been pumping out. 

Still, nothing’s coming in (revenue/ taxes) because if you had traveled internationally recently, you’ve seen like 6 out of 10 and some places 8 out of 10 businesses local shops mom-and-pop shops did not survive the COVID crisis, so there’s no revenue stream. We’re having this large flux of Anti-trust in Anti competition coming from the revenue stream challenging the business (models) streams.

In addition, there’s the reality of the price manipulation and opening the platform, Too Big to Fail. You know Apple, Amazon, Google all these companies have a large influence, not only in the U.S. but globally, and there’s a legitimate concern here. 

Now, suppose you’re sitting on these boards on these companies. In that case, a couple of things that I want to say, you know, being a compliance officer, I mean work with legal teams across the planet and CEOs and board members, one thing I want to tell has a strong (AntiTrust) Compliance Program, antitrust anti-competition Risk Assessments.

Looking at M&A deals, doing the due diligence on, not like just the big ones but small ones are they opening the platform the influence to consumers and sometimes you know free is not the best option meaning, it’s how much of the Data and Privacy and Security are they influencing, you know something is a Shortage of Talent (AntiTrust Professionals ) one major thing I see the biggest problem is a shortage of talent.

I mean, there’s not a lot of legal councils and their legal teams that have the expertise of Anti-competition, you know, Antitrust / Anti-competition.

These programs are very strategic to the organization, and not many legal councils are trained. You know a talent shortage to pull them into your company and having a strong vision to explain to executives why this needs to be done the risk assessment of why these priorities need to shift, I haven’t seen many legal councils that are well-versed in this (area).

Fresh graduates are not well trained, so that’s one thing I want to bring to the boardrooms, collaborate with me. I’d be happy to give you more advice and have a wonderful year if I don’t talk to you soon.

Thank you!

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