France Macron loses, EU destabilizes Faster Now, Deglobalization Speeds Up.
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Enhance your CEO and board of director knowledge with our global advisory services. Make informed strategic decisions with your board of directors and CEO. Global markets and emerging economies require new policies and signature board practices; updating your boardroom’s knowledge will ensure excellence. Global Board Advisors Corp (GBAC) boardroom advisory signature services



France Macron loses, EU destabilizes Faster Now, Deglobalization Speeds Up.

Deglobalization is the process of reversal of globalization. Deglobalization can be caused by various factors such as economic, social, COVID, political, and environmental…

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Human rights have become essential to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) governance factors for companies operating in India.

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Money Laundering

According to the Australian Institute of Company Directors, This Startup uses Blockchain to track the Supply Chain of Diamonds….

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Enhance your CEO and Board of Directors knowledge with our global advisory services

Make informed strategic decisions with your Board of Directors.

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Charlotte Valeur, former Chair Institute of Directors (IoD) the UK, Non-Executive Director JPMorgan Global Convertibles Income Fund and NTR Plc.


When I first met Yusuf I was impressed with his governance insight, dedication and enthusiasm. During the years that followed he consistently demonstrated all these qualities and our conversations are always rich and interesting. He has an unwavering commitment to governance best practice and embrace change readily. It is people like him who make sustained change in the world.